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An overview of the services we offer and how they will benefit our service-users.

Benefits of this Service.

Bride and Groom can get parents and carers to attend their wedding along with their children because the young ones will also be entertained throughout the long celebrations.

Eliminate disturbances and distractions that are inevitable when parents and carers bring their kids along to the wedding and foster a peaceful atmosphere as guests can fully concentrate.

Create an astonishing life-long recollection and ensure that children are engaged and entertained all evening, so your guests are comfortable and remain until the very end.

Childcare at weddings, birthday parties, conferences, trainings and other adult events

Our childcare service at wedding include art and craft sessions, parachute games, face painting and a host of other creative fun play activities (maximum 30 children).

Why you should use this Service

Our Wedding Childcare Service is well-informed with all the requirements and thorough preparation that is required to ensure the couples are happy and that the big day goes off effectively. Our experience delivering Childcare service at Wedding make us the ideal organisation.

We are a registered organisation member of Disclosure Scotland and we are adequately grounded in the requirements of Health and Safety policy among others.


Benefits of this service

Parents and carers will attend and enjoy Festival Events more if their children are well taken care of.  Child ‘N’ Care Kids Fun Place is a safe place from the hustle and bustle of the main event where parents/carers and kids can relax, play, learn new skills and bond together.

Fun Days & Kids Festivals

Child ‘N’ Care provides a custom-made service modified to your budget and aimed to keep children entertained and fascinated. We can provide an “all under a space” choice, where conventional and innovative children’s field elements such as, art and craft, face painting, workshops, different skills trainings, entertainers, various inflatables etc., can be brought together.  

Why you should use this Service

The Child & Care team is made up of very experienced childcare workers who enjoy working with children and are checked by  Disclosure Scotland.


Benefits of this service

They offer an avenue for children to learn a new activity or skill that will boost their confidence and help them in life. There are many choice topics that can be tailored to event.

Parents and carers can rest assured that their kids are having fun in reliable hands. Your event will be a successful event with both children and parents happy to come again the next time. 

Children’s Workshops & Trainings

Children are always excited and enjoy learning new skills. Our extensive range of workshops, seminars and trainings can be designed to teach children lifelong skills in a fun way. These workshops/seminars/trainings can also be used to provide childcare solutions and entertainment at adults focused event.

Why you should use this Service

The team is made up of seasoned and fun-loving childcare professionals who aim to productively engage children in fun and learning, as well as activities that will also impart values to them in a safe environment. 

Benefits of this Service.

It will help the children play, interact and mingle.

Kids can learn new things/skills while having fun.

Parents, carers and guests would be able to enjoy the party more knowing that their children are close by within the environment and are also having fun.

Company Children’s Parties

A company can organise Children’s parties as a way to appreciate its employees and give back to their children.

Children’s parties can be with or without parental guidance at the venue. Games, music and creative fun that will positively influence the children can be provided.

Why you should use this Service

Child ‘N’ Care has a resourceful team of qualified childcare organisers who love developing concepts that can complement your plan to give a fun filled party for all.