Whatever your event, we engage and take care of the children while you enjoy your event.

we offer on site age group childcare.

The best childcare service fostering learning and fun.

Who we are

We are an on-site childcare service provider. We run and organise children’s  workshops, training’s, seminars and conferences. We care for children aged from 0 – 14 years old. We are fully licensed and insured. All team members are PVG checked.

Why choose us

Are you organising an event? And there are a few parents or carers on the guest list. Whether the kids are invited or it’s adult only, we make it easier for all of your guests and their kids to have a great time. 

How to start

Get in touch with us for the number of children going to be present at the event. We will work with your budget, bring our resources to the event venue and set up a child-friendly atmosphere for kids to play and learn. Then we look and care for your children while you enjoy your event.

Our clients say

"The childcare service is the best. The staff are 100% amazing and will always go all out to for the children that are their care for. They have always provided the best available service regardless of what individual child needs there may be."
Steve Wood
"The staff are so welcoming and very friendly. Have creative activities to keep children engaged and entertained which gives parents a rest of mind while having fun at the same event venue."
Kaley Anderson
"Excellent service. Highly recommended to anyone needing childcare services at events or parties in Glasgow."
Ejikemeuwa Eric Nnanna
"If you can't get a babysitter, and want to go to an event and have fun, this is the childcare service for you. I highly recommend them"
Shannon Thompson

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