The Child & Care Ltd.

Our Services

The Child & Care has a resourceful team of qualified childcare organisers who enjoy developing ideas to supplement your plan and provide a fun-filled party for all.

We are a team of experienced childcare professionals who enjoy working with children and have passed Disclosure Scotland background checks

Childcare at Adult Events

The Child & Care Ltd provides childcare services for your adult occasions, such as weddings, seminars, company gatherings, etc.

We offer a special service tailored to your needs and intended to captivate and entertain kids.

When parents and other caregivers bring their kids to an event, there will inevitably be distractions, therefore we provide a peaceful environment so that participants can focus without them.

By creating a fun environment separate from the main event where children may unwind, play, discover new things, and make friends.

Your event will be successful with both children and parents happy to come again the next time.

Children's Workshops and Trainings

Children are always excited and enjoy learning new skills. Our extensive range of workshops, seminars and trainings can be designed to teach children lifelong skills in a fun way. These workshops/seminars/trainings can also be used to provide childcare solutions and entertainment at adult focused events.

We provide a platform for kids to pick up new skills that will bolster their self-esteem and benefit them in life. There are plenty excellent topics that can be customised for an occasion. Parents and caregivers may relax knowing that their children are safe and having fun.