The Child & Care Ltd.

Who We Are

 Child ‘N’ Care Ltd., is a mobile childcare company based in Glasgow. We provide tailored on-site childcare services at various events. We are fully licensed and insured. All our team members are PVG checked.

What We Do

We offer on-site group childcare services at events. We organise and facilitate kids training, workshops, seminars and conferences for children aged from 0-14 years old.

Why Choose Us

Engaging our services when hiring a venue or location for an event would allow children or wards to be brought along to the special event(s) and have them properly entertained and cared for. This will in turn put the parents or guardians’ minds at rest.


All your questions about our services are answered here.

Child ‘N’ Care can provide high standard and quality childcare for weddings, graduations, christenings, seminars, conferences, training courses, parties, shows, events. All we need is a room or space that can accommodate children, located in the same venue as your event.

We will make sure that everything else is sorted out so that you can relax and enjoy your event knowing that the children are relaxed and having fun in a safe and stimulating, child centred environment.

We offer a bespoke childcare service, personal to you, if you have any requirements; please get in touch to discuss with the team.

Child ‘N’ Care team works with the recommendation of Ofsted guidelines on the ratio of an adult to a child. The Adult to child ratios is as follows


0 – 2 years = 1 adult to 3 children
2+ years – 3 years = 1 adult to 4 children
4 years – 8 years =   1 adult to 6 children

9 years – 12 years = 1 adult to 8 children

13 years – 18 years = 1 adult to 10 children


By a week to the date of the event at the very latest, we should have an estimate of the age range of the 30 children we would be caring for. This is very essential for us to know what supplies & resources to prepare for and bring along to the venue. We also have a form that can be filled by the parents/guests to help collect this information which we would be happy to send to you as soon as arrangements are set in motion.

We require a suitable room or space that is safe and secure to entertain and keep watch of children. Whilst we can transform a suitable facility within the location/venue of the event into a child-friendly and age-appropriate play atmosphere here are some considerations and requirements:

The event space needs to:

Have the ability to be made secure

Be available for sole use by Child ‘N’ Care service

Have toilet facilities nearby (1 toilet & hand basin to every 10 children)

Be 3.7 sq meters of unencumbered space per child

Have all free standing, unsuitable equipment and furniture removed.

Most venues have an area or a side room where we can set up our resources for the childcare service, or if you’re having a marquee, a section set aside, a secondary side tent or extension will be adequate as long as it has enough room for the children to play safely. If you’re unsure, let us know and we will talk to your venue provider to find the perfect solution.

We would need to have access to the allocated childcare venue/space, an hour before the event start time for setting up and 1 hour afterward for clean-up.

We have Full public products and employer’s liability insurance and can provide you with a copy on request.

We will evacuate all the children in accordance with the venue’s evacuation procedures. Parents may escort us to the evacuation point or meet us there. We will either re-enter the building or sign children out from the evacuation point if the building is deemed unsafe.

You will need to issue directions to the parents of the children attending the event so that they are aware of where to drop off and collect their children.

Children can be visited or collected any time during the childcare service booking. 

Our strict collection procedures must be adhered to including signing the children in and out at the venue of the event. Parents/guests must fill our kid’s registration form to help collect some vital information about the children. For example, allergies.

Child ‘N’ Care team are fully vetted, which means they all have:

Qualifications or Experience

Been Interviewed face-to-face

Been Reference Checked

A current PVG Check (police check)

Uniform provided and wears them all time

And at least one will hold a First Aid certificate.

Child ‘N’ Care ensure that the programme delivery is varied and age specific to avoid boredom. Children can participate in group activities or can ‘free play’ with a number of toys and activities.

Child ‘N’ Care terms and conditions state that we must be informed of any children with a special need and allergies at the point where parents/carers are filling the kid’s registration form and at least 72 hours prior to the event so that we can speak to you in advance and ensure we are fully prepared for the day.

Are staff trained/prepared to use? No, our insurance will not allow us to administer evasive medication without prior training and consent from both the child’s GP and parents. If your child does carry an Epipen please contact us in advance to discuss options.

Is there anything I need to bring? (or do I just drop off my child)

If your child is still in nappies then we ask that you bring plenty to last for the duration, along with baby milk already made up. Some crèches we operate include food and others don’t, we will inform you beforehand if you need to provide food for your child.

No, we try to ensure that your child is not distracted and can actively participate with other while with us.

If the childcare service is going on into the evening, we make a dark area available or arrange for babysitters to take children back to their rooms where appropriate.

Child ‘N’ Care prices do vary depending on your location, how many children we will be caring for and their ages, and of course, duration of the childcare service.


All quotes include:

Childcare set-up
Resources and equipment for fun activities and play provision.
Public Liability Insurance.
Childcare staff

Travel cost
Registration of every child in attendance.
Security wrist bands and name tags for all children.
Communication and liaising with event coordinator/organiser.
PVG checked staff, subject to robust recruitment procedures…
Delivery and collection of resources and equipment.

Yes. However, our terms and conditions for cancellation does apply.

Kids registration form will need to be completed for each child attending the childcare service.

Any medication used by children such as asthma inhalers will need to be provided *see health, sickness, and medication policy. We will provide nappies and wipes, if you prefer to use your own this is not a problem, please specify this on the kid’s registration form.

The creative team at Child ‘N’ Care will provide all toys, resources, and equipment necessary for the children to engage, learn, play and have fun relevant to the ages of children specified on the booking and kids’ registration forms. 

This list is not exhaustive, if you have a particular request please get in touch.

Child ‘N’ Care team is made up of seasoned and fun-loving childcare professionals who aim to productively engage children in fun and learning whenever and wherever the opportunity and need arises.

Our team is always excited to see how well the kids in their care can further develop their Social, Physical, Emotional, Cognitive and Language (SPECL) development within when in their care.

The team is made up of very experienced childcare workers that have received training in first aid, health and safety and safeguarding children and approved and certified by Disclosure Scotland to keep watch over and entertain children.

We currently offer a childcare service throughout Glasgow, Paisley, Dumbarton, Renfrewshire, and Edinburgh although we are happy to consider other areas of Scotland.

Yes. Child ‘N’ Care carries out a full risk assessment of the areas to be used for children at least 7 days in advance and agrees with the venue if changes need to be made.

Child ‘N’ Care team will childproof (risk assesses) the area(s) provided prior to each event, to ensure the space is both safe and suitable for children.

We will need to get in touch with the venue proprietor to arrange a suitable time to come to do a risk assessment of the venue where the children will be staying for health and safety purposes, and we will need a site map.

All children must have a completed kids registration form so that we know as much as possible about your child to ensure we deliver the right care for your child and have consent to act on your behalf in an emergency situation

The person who dropped off your child must be the person who collects them. When arriving, we require copy of your kid’s registration form and details on where you are going to be.

For some larger events we operate a security band system, whereby the parent wears a security band with a unique number on it. When collecting, Child ‘N’ Care team cut the band off and check the security number against the details held on the child.

The team at Child ‘N’ Care reserve the right to question the suitability and/or state of a parent/carer who arrives to collect their child. If the parent/carer appears to be in an unfit condition the safety and well-being of the child will be the primary concern.

Yes. Child ‘N’ Care only recruits’ people who have been through stringent screening and are approved and certified by Disclosure Scotland to keep watch over and entertain children.

Our programme includes both structured and free play activities with the aim for the child to learn, be creative, interact with others and have plenty of fun.

Can staff provide first aid? Yes, a first aider is on duty at all times. If your child is injured, you will be informed about the incident and asked to sign an accident form.

Yes, all children are escorted to the toilet and if facilities are shared, we ensure that other adults are not using the facilities at the same time as us

No, while your child is in our care, they will not require any money.

If we cannot settle your child within 20 minutes, then we will come and get you to assist in settling your child. If they will not settle, then you’re welcome to stay or take the child with you.

Yes of course, although we advise that you leave your child as they often settle more quickly when parents are not present.

We charge on an hourly basis; we are available Monday to Sunday-8 till late. We aim to be completely flexible. If you need to extend the hours previously booked, this must be discussed with the manager, and we will do our best to accommodate your needs depending on circumstances.

We can also provide quotes for a babysitting service.

No. We are not licensed to provide food for children that are in our care at the event location. We will make sure that fresh drinking water is always available for the children during their stay.

After an initial childcare service booking, one of our team will contact you prior to
the day to discuss your requirements for the event. We will need to see the venue in order to do the risk assessment.

Our childcare service is carefully planned to ensure your occasion is totally stress free. We pride ourselves on a personal service and are happy to discuss any special requirements you may have.

Childcare services you'd never say no to.

If you are interested in using any of our services, just give us a few details using our online booking enquiry form and we’ll gladly provide you with a quote.