Short Stay Childcare

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Short Stay Childcare

A Short stay childcare will enable parents or guests to bring along and leave their kids in the care of the Child ‘N’ Care team at the event venue, on a first come first served basis, for up to 3 hours or more. The children will be engaged in creative fun activities and games among other things during their stay. The parents/guests mind will be at rest that their kids are safe, and that the Child ‘N’ Care team are taking great care of them. Child ‘N’ Care will create a sensational child-friendly and age-appropriate play atmosphere that is designed to your preferred age range and numbers of children. We can work from a room or any space provided to us at the venue/location to operate. 

Benefits of Short Stay Childcare

Host or celebrant will benefit from increased attendance as parents understand their kids will have a fantastic time.

Parents or guests can relax and enjoy the event they came for.

Why you should use Child 'N' Care

Each Child ‘N’ Care service is prepared, resourced and fully designed to give children an inclusive learning experience. We childproof the room or space that has been provided to cater for the children. We transform a suitable facility provided within the location or venue of the event into a child-friendly atmosphere for all kids to have fun. Children will have far more fun than having to attend the adult event as we help facilitate a fun and a participative occasion for them to enjoy. Once booked, the Child ‘N’ Care team deal with everything, providing an exciting, fun experience, in addition with health and safety regulatory compliance. Our teams are all experienced and professionally trained in working with children, PVG checked and follow well detailed and clearly documented procedures. Consider adding an outstanding value to your event or celebration and let us oversee the operations and compliance issues. CALL US! to discuss or book a Short Stay Childcare.

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