Children's Workshops, Seminars & Trainings

Looking for the best workshops, seminars and trainings for kids?

Children's Workshops, Seminars & Trainings

Children are always excited and enjoy learning new skills. Our extensive range of workshops, seminars and training’s can be designed to provide learning lifetime set skills to children in a fun way.

Children workshops/seminars/training’s can be used to provide childcare solutions and entertainment for children at adults focused events.

Benefits of Children's Workshops, Seminars & Trainings

They offer an avenue for children to learn new activity or skill that will boost their confidence and help them in life. There are lots of choice of topics and they can be tailored to suit your event.

Parents and carers can be rest assured that their kids are learning, enjoying and having fun in reliable hands. Your event will be a successful event with both children and parents happy to come again the next time. 

Why you should choose Child 'N' Care

The team is made up of seasoned and fun-loving childcare professionals who aim to productively engage children in fun and learning whenever and wherever the opportunity and need arises. The team at Child ‘N’ Care are always excited to see how well the kids in their care can further develop their Social, Physical, Emotional, Cognitive and Language (SPECL) development within when in their care. The team is made up of very experienced childcare workers that are approved and certified by Disclosure Scotland to keep watch over and entertain children.

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We provide the best workshops, seminars and trainings for kids.